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Custom engraved wooden signs and gifts, personalized carved wood signs and gifts, for your home and garden from Rocky Knob Woodcrafts


To place an order for an indoor sign (CLICK HERE).

About Our Indoor Signs:

We offer two varieties of indoor signs, natural wood and painted MDF.

The standard natural wood options that we offer are Mahogany, Oak and Pine.


There are many flavors of Mahogany; the lumber, in the Mahogany family, that we use is called Sapele. Sapele contains an interlocking grain that produces light and dark ribbon stripes throughout the boards. Because of this tight grain, much finer detail can be carved into it without the fear of chipping. We offer this as an indoor sign but it will survive very well outside.
CLICK HERE for a Mahogany sign with black cuts
CLICK HERE for a Mahogany sign with unpainted cuts


Sign sample Mahogany painted cutsSign sample Mahogany unpainted cuts

Oak is a very popular blond wood with a straight grain and a coarse texture. It is relatively hard but machines (carves) well. The grain isn't as tight as Mahogany so when carving smaller text (under 0.75") the insides of "e", a", "o" and the like may chip out.
CLICK HERE for a Oak sign with black cuts
CLICK HERE for a Oak sign with unpainted cuts

Sign sample Oak painted cutsSign sample Oak unpainted cuts

Pine is a soft, blond wood, which carves very cleanly medium (1.25") and larger size text. Pine can also have knots, which can add character to your sign.
CLICK HERE for a Pine sign with black cuts
CLICK HERE for a Pine sign with unpainted cuts

Sign sample Pine painted cutsSign sample Pine unpainted cuts


Other natural wood options
Because of all of the special projects we do, we often have leftovers of many types of wood. Other lumber we may have on hand are: Willow, Walnut, Poplar, Maple, Cherry, Zebra Wood, Cocobolo, Myrtle Wood and Purple Heart. If you are interested in something a little different, contact us to see what we have and get a price quote.


Cuts Painted Vs Unpainted
This option simply improves the contrast of your sign. With the Oak and Pine, just using the finish will darken the letters a little. Because the grain in the Mahogany is so tight it is difficult for the finish to soak in so you will notice very little difference in the contrast. Painting all of the cuts black, in any of the natural materials, dramatically improves the contrast allowing your sign to be easily read from a greater distance.


Painted MDFSign sample All colors on MDF
MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard; it is a common material that is used in a number of indoor items such as cabinets, shelves, tables, and desks. We paint the MDF surface the color of your choice (black, blue, burgundy, cream, or green) then carve your sign. The cuts are the color of the material. The two edge options we offer are primitive and plain. With the plain edge we do nothing, with the primitive, we use a sander to remove the paint around the edge. The two things this accomplishes is, it frames your sign, and it hides any imperfections that are caused if the sign gets dropped. Probably 98% of the painted MDF signs we sell are shipped with primitive option option.
CLICK HERE to order an indoor painted MDF sign


How To HangKeyhole sample
All of our signs have keyholes cut in the back so it will hang flush aginst a wall, but for an additional $5.00 we will attach a decorative chain

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